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Which Dog Beds are the Most Comfortable?

The best people to answer this question are the many customers who take the time to write in to us, usually with accompanying pictures, to say how grateful they are for their Tuffies Dog Beds.

Dog beds are just commodities. They are just something you need because you have a dog. It is not the main item in itself… the dog is. So when Tuffies customers feel compelled to put their joy over the dog bed in writing, it must be because it exceeded all expectations.

Below are some lovely emails with pictures form our customers. They also feature on our testimonials page where they help everyone to gauge the size they need.

We do NOT get many complaints, but here is one that made us sit up (the nest is fitted with a nest cover. The ULTIMATE in dog beds):

Dear Tuffies team,

My wife and I would like to lodge a complaint about our recent purchase of a nest bed and cover for our dog Daisy.  Since we have had Daisy’s new nest she will no longer cuddle us on the sofa which we are distraught about!!  In the past Daisy would rest happily in the evening on our lap and get stroked lovingly all night. Furthermore, she now refuses to come to bed at bedtime.  She is so happy with her new nest that her love for us has gone!! Please could you send a courier immediately to recover this wonderful bed that has stolen our doggy from us?
Best regards,
Mike and Danielle Crockett
Sad and lonely doggy parents

Well, what can you say….   We are certainly proud of making dog beds that are such a hit with the users they are meant for.

And here is a similar nest with the full nest cover.

Many thanks for making Ava’s day – she is 9 months old and has plenty of room to mature into her new nest!
Kind Regards

Victoria Gibbens
Salcombe, South Devon

Today we received this wonderful email from Vivien Saunders. She has Cardigan Corgies and sent us this amazing photo:

My Cardigan Corgi, Ditto, just loves her Tuffies bed. I bought it
from you 2 or 3 years ago and it is brilliant. When she had her most
recent litter the last to go happily slept with her for 2 weeks.
Congratulations on a great product. Vivien Saunders- Abbotsley

The Tuffies Nest Dog Bed has to be the best of them all, but here is also an email from a delighted customer who bought a Raised Tuffies Dog Bed:

Attached photo of our 6 year old English Springer Spaniel, Tilly in her new Tuffies raised bed which arrived last week. I hope you will be able to publish this on your gallery.
Being a typical highly strung spaniel, Tilly was slightly nervous of her bed at first especially since the first time she put her paws in, she pushed it so that it moved slightly! Having now got over her nervousness of the new arrival she now loves her bed and watches in comfort  over the coming and goings in the kitchen.
Thank you Tuffies.

We also received this one today:

Who can resist a couple of Spinones like these?:

And the email went like this:

Sisters Teagan and Siouxsie enjoying their new Tuffies beds…

There are plenty more. Please have a look at our Testimonials page here.