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Out with Dog Training Books, in with YouTube! …and Durable Dog Beds

When you need training tips for your dog, where do you go? Traditionally books were the best place to learn – but not anymore! Online videos are the way forward. Here are my reasons and some recommendations.

Puppy Catching Treats

Puppy Catching Treats


First of all, let me disclose that I’m not much of a reader and am probably biased. But I’ve found videos on YouTube a much more engaging way of learning how to dog train, and not just because I’m too lazy to read a book. Here’s why;

  1. The video format means you get to see first-hand how the dog reacts as it learns. Particularly when things aren’t going to plan, you get an idea of body language, progressions, regressions, and timing. Timing is crucial when it comes to rewards. Watching it happen is just better than someone describing it in words.
  2. The best content rises to the top. I guess you could say the same about books but it’s easy to commit to a pricey guide that either isn’t that good or that doesn’t directly address the issues you’re having with your dog. The most pup-ular (sorry, not sorry) videos will go to the top of YouTubes suggestions list and the algorithm will also recommend videos related to the topics that you have previously watched or looked for. If not, just try some other search terms and you’ll soon find what you’re after.
  3. It’s free!
  4. Videos are more entertaining than reading words. Sorry to all you book worms out there, but they just are! I will accept that there are times when reading is more relaxing and a lot of people prefer that element, so fair enough if that’s you.
Pug in a Rug

Pug in a Rug, because why not


Zak George

When it comes to punchy, digestible dog training on the internet it doesn’t get much better than YouTube savvy Zak George. His videos are short, to the point, and entertaining. He’s also been doing this for a while so has had time to refine his format into bite-size clips that get straight to the point. There are series on his channel in which he takes the same dog through a training programme from puppy to adulthood. These are great if you’re starting fresh and are looking for pointers on the best areas to cover in the first few months. They also give you a good idea of the level of consistency required to drill some of the more difficult habits in. For example, he’ll start with one that has zero impulse control around other dogs and show every step of the journey, even the bad bits, rather than just the successful moments. No one has ever trained a dog and not felt like they were taking a step backward at times, and Zak embraces these regressions, rather than pretending he’s the best trainer of all time that can do no wrong. The production quality of his content has become much better too and he probably puts more effort into editing than his competitors. You only really notice how good it is when you watch videos on the other end of the spectrum that are clunky, pixelated, and that you can barely hear above the background noise.


Dog Wrestling a Hose

Dog Wrestling a Hose


A couple of negative aspects; there is a ‘cheesiness’ that appeals to an American audience which might put you off and he does love a ‘clickbait’ heading which, if you don’t know the term, means giving videos an attention-grabbing title in order to suck in more clicks.



I found Kikopup extremely genuine. You can tell from watching her that dogs are more than just her job, and her knowledge shines through watching her interact with them. She often has two or more of her dogs on screen so you can really get an idea of how to effectively teach a pack rather than one at a time. She has a variety of breeds too, so if you’re losing hope with your chihuahua she’ll soon change your outlook. Video editing isn’t her strong suit, so you’ll definitely find more watchable videos on the internet but her advice outweighs that in my opinion.

Athletic Bull Dogs Catching Frisbess

Athletic Bull Dogs Catching Frisbees


There are plenty more content providers on the internet than I have mentioned, so just have a scan and pick something that relates to your needs. Or read a book if you must…

Rottweiler Puppy Side-eye

Rottweiler Puppy Side-eye


PS… Get a Waterproof Durable Dog Bed!

If you add up the number of beds, blankets and cushions that you’ve thrown out because they stank, what is the figure? The problem is that even if you religiously dry your dog off when they come inside, they sweat through their paws so moisture inevitably finds its way into the stuffing inside. Once it’s there you can bet your bottom dollar it will start to smell. You’re then left with the choice of a lumpy and lopsided bed after putting it through the washing machine or throwing it out. Something else you’ll find contributes to smell are dog hairs weaving in and out of the fabric. A watertight surface keeps hairs from sticking into it and will help keep your house from smelling like your cute but also stinky companion.

Support the environment and your bank balance and invest in a good Waterproof Durable Dog Bed that will last you years not months.

Very Wet Labrador

Very Wet Labrador on Route to her Waterproof Durable Dog Bed