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  • Successful Dog Rehoming

    Atlas being picked up: Atlas in new life: In a previous blog I described how I had found out that one of the puppies in Gaia’s litter (the one Pontus came from) had been neglected. It was two years since ..
  • Dog Friendly Highland Cottage

    Here is a beautiful Highland Cottage, sitting all on its own, right at the foothills of the Monadhliath Mountains near Inverness on the Lochness side. It is warm and cosy and dry. Electric heating can top up your choice ..
  • Condensation Under Dog Beds

    Water gathering under dog beds can happen for two main reasons: 1) Your dog’s bed is not waterproof and it is so damp from having a wet dog lying on it that it is wet right through. This is an extremely undesirable sit..
  • Sustainable and Eco-friendly Dog Beds

    The most sustainable dog beds are probably shredded newspaper, straw or wood shavings!! If you are prepared to have all that spread round your house or flying round the garden or in the back of the car, go for it.The LEA..
  • What Happens to Retired Military Dogs?

    Here at Tuffies Dog Beds we have been supporting the amazing charity, Heropaws. Please have a look at their web site https://heropawsuk.co.uk/ Heropaws is a new charity and their aim is to take care of the working dog..
  • Dogs Love the Seaside.

    Taking a dog to the seaside is such fun as almost all dogs clearly love it. Some dogs love swimming for the fun of it, others enjoy it mostly if they have a companion or if they are retrieving something that you throw in..
  • Dogs Dream on their Dog Beds

    Dogs dream just like humans. Most dog owners have witnessed their dogs dreaming as dogs of course often sleep while we are awake. It can be hilarious to watch them twitch their noses and mouths and even growl at some dre..
  • How Often do I Need to Wash the Dog’s Dog Beds?

    All depends……   of course!  However, it is important to distinguish between different types of “dirty”. Dried up mud is really not a health problem to your dog, while soggy, damp dog beds are a serious heat..
  • How Much Exercise do Pointer Dogs Need?

    Quite a lot. Pointers (such as Pointers, Setters and HPRs (Hunt-Point-Retrievers)) are bred to run and hunt. With that genetic set up, they do like to be active. Exercise is one of the four pillars of dog care, which is ..
  • A Dog’s Trip to the Scottish West Coast.

    Pontus, the German Wirehaired Pointer, wrote: This weekend I went with my family to the seaside. It was a trip to a little house in a boat. I had no idea what was happening. One minute I was sound asleep in one of my ..