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  • Dogs Dream on their Dog Beds

    Dogs dream just like humans. Most dog owners have witnessed their dogs dreaming as dogs of course often sleep while we are awake. It can be hilarious to watch them twitch their noses and mouths and even growl at some dre..
  • How Often do I Need to Wash the Dog’s Dog Beds?

    All depends……   of course!  However, it is important to distinguish between different types of “dirty”. Dried up mud is really not a health problem to your dog, while soggy, damp dog beds are a serious heat..
  • How Much Exercise do Pointer Dogs Need?

    Quite a lot. Pointers (such as Pointers, Setters and HPRs (Hunt-Point-Retrievers)) are bred to run and hunt. With that genetic set up, they do like to be active. Exercise is one of the four pillars of dog care, which is ..
  • A Dog’s Trip to the Scottish West Coast.

    Pontus, the German Wirehaired Pointer, wrote: This weekend I went with my family to the seaside. It was a trip to a little house in a boat. I had no idea what was happening. One minute I was sound asleep in one of my ..
  • The Best Dog Beds for Active Dogs.

    The best dog beds for dogs that are very active are dog beds that give great support, great insulation from the cold floor and that are waterproof. All these features are essential for keeping the clinical symptoms of st..
  • Luxury Dog Beds Made in Scotland.

    Last Thursday was the big evening of Scottish Rural Awards in Edinburgh, held at Dynamic Earth. Because we work with Ardmoor Outdoor Clothing, we were invited to the dinner at their table. Tuffies make strong, durable..
  • Our Dog Beds Exhibition at Crufts 2019

    We had a tremendous Crufts again this year. What a fantastic welcome we get from all our customers, who come to our stall to see our luxury dog beds and to see what is new in the Tuffies world. We travel all the way from..
  • Dog Bed Sales at Crufts 2019

    It is upon us again! The famous Crufts dog show where everything dog related happens. All sorts of dog stuff is being sold from around 1000 stalls and Tuffies dog beds is there as ALWAYS in hall 5, stall 56. We love Cruf..
  • Healthy Dog Beds

    Here at Tuffies we have just had a big Health and Safety audit today. Everything went swimmingly and it’s a nice feeling to be doing the right thing in terms of the health and the safety of our lovely group of dog bed ..
  • What is the best dog bed for the house?

    There is literally a jungle of dog beds on the market, which makes it very difficult to choose the right one from all the pretty pictures. Unless you have seen one in action that you like, it is anybody’s guess what th..