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  • Grace and Tuffies from the Highlands of Scotland

    Grace Campbell runs a small, dog expert doggy care at the top of the north of Scotland. It is called "Hirsel", meaning a small cosy place, which is exactly what it is. And of course: it is all fitted out with cosy Tuffie..
  • The Wildlife Around Tuffies Dog Beds Workshop.

    As a rural business based in Aberdeenshire in Scotland, where we make the best possible waterproof dog beds, we have a great opportunity to follow the wildlife that is so close to us. We are NOT placed in an industrial e..
  • Which Dog Beds are the Most Comfortable?

    The best people to answer this question are the many customers who take the time to write in to us, usually with accompanying pictures, to say how grateful they are for their Tuffies Dog Beds. Dog beds are just commod..
  • Easy to clean comfortable dog beds

    Dogs, unlike humans, are happy to walk barefoot directly from the muddy garden in to their beds. We can do our best to clean their paws etc, but at the end of the day dog beds will get dirtier a lot quicker than human be..
  • Dogs Vomiting on their Dog Beds

    Almost all dog owners have experienced their dog being sick and vomiting. There can of course be all sorts of explanations for this and sometimes a vet is needed, sometimes the vomiting is just ‘one of those things’...
  • How to fit a Tuffies Nest Cover on a Nest

    How to Clean Your Tuffies Nest Cover. The Tuffies Nest Cover and cushion cover wash very easily in the washing machine at 40 degrees and after a short drying time, it is as fresh and good as new. Your simply take out ..
  • When Dogs Talk to Us.

    Once you get your attention tuned in to the way dogs talk, you suddenly “hear” much more. The “hearing” is more about seeing what they say if that makes sense. Without speaking English words, dogs obviously have ..
  • Handy Additions to Your Dog Beds.

    Just like extra pillows, reading lamps, top covers and fancy head-boards on our beds, there are additions to your dog’s bed that are good to know about too. Things that may protect your flooring or make your dog that l..
  • Can I use Dog Beds for my Cats?

    Although we don’t know a huge amount about cats, we are slowly realising how much cats love our Tuffies dog beds. Many of our customers have, over the years, been buying dog beds for their dogs and then had to come bac..
  • What is the Best Dog Bed to Buy for Winter?

    The best choice of dog bed does, of course, depend on what type of dog you have and on where the bed will be used. Below are some guidelines on what to consider when you want to buy a bed for your dog. We are writing thi..