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Category Archives: A year in a working pointer’s life

  • The two BORING months with HPRs.

    For us with working pointers, May and June are boring!! They are the only two months where we must truly keep our dogs off the moor so we don't disturb the nesting birds. Already in July we can start looking at the brood..
  • Catching that moment

    For ages I have been wanting to take that one, very specific photograph, where you see the bird, right as it flushes, and you see the pointing dog's face at the same time. Usually, you try to work the pointer into the wi..
  • Counting Grouse Pairs on the Moor.

    As I work my pointers on the grouse moors together with my fantastic friend, Anne Johnson, we are involved in the grouse counting from time to time. Early in the year, February-March-April, the grouse is pairing up ready..
  • The last part of the HPR season

    The shooting season finishes on 1st February. Apart from working on "rough shoots", the HPR is often used for picking up on driven shoots. I don't do much of this any more as I find driven shoots too un-natural. However,..