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  • Moor Snakes

          Last September I had my first dog-encounter with an adder. I was working my pointers on a grouse moor in Scotland and we had walked a good, long way away from the vehicles. In fact there ..
  • The Protection of an Oystercatcher Nest.

     This is the Working Pointer Blog and I am writing about Oystercatchers here because I was very inspired when I worked my pointers on a grouse moor in Angus Glens last year. Out there the ‘keepers are hard at work..
  • The Need for Good Dog Beds When You Travel in Winter.

    Last week I had two days of mixed hunting out west. I travelled with my two pointers in the back of the truck on a huge, bespoke size Tuffies dog bed. No chill from the floor at all. This is very important when staying a..
  • Counting and Understanding Grouse moors.

    There is a huge amount of emotional debate going on about grouse moors at the moment.While I can understand that shooting does not sit well with some people, it is hugely dangerous when emotions take over at the cost of ..