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  • ….and Then the Wheels Fell off.

    As my dearest friend, Anne Johnson, says: “With pointers, in particular, just when you think things are going beautifully, then one of the wheels come off …….” And that is so true. It has been a while since I ..
  • Pontus now working.

    Well, the season is in full swing and Pontus has been walking with me, taking careful notes of how the other two are doing the job.Here Gaia has flushed the bird and Pontus is right in the middle of it all, taking it in ..
  • Pontus and Grouse Brood Counting

    This is now the season where we venture out to see how the grouse has bred over the summer. Unfortunately it has not been great here in Scotland 2017, so this year it is a real treat to be able to hunt the grouse on 12th..
  • “Walkies” can be made in to nice training.

    It's nice to train the young dog and the result is best if you integrate it in to a walk so that you move in various areas as much as possible. I take two small dummies with me as they fit into a jacket pocket. To tra..