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  • Gollum Pointing and Flushing Woodcock

    In February there were still loads of woodcock about and I took Gollum and Pontus, my two wirehaired pointers, out to find some. I made three little films of Gollum on point with the subsequent flush. Pontus, the apprent..
  • Hunting and pointing, first steps

    Pontus is now hunting,  but he is not sure why. His instincts and his breeding makes him search nicely, but he is clearly not sure what to look for. However, Watching him hunt is reassuring as I can see the beginnings o..
  • Small Retrieves at Five Months old.

    Pontus is now five and a half months old and I have practiced the controlled retrieve, so he is solid in his delivery and completely certain of what to do with a dummy: deliver nicely in exchange of a treat. We have m..
  • Pontus and the Basics

    Pontus is now 18 weeks old and he is getting the basics: 1) Sit to wait for his food 2) Wait to be let through a door, no barging 3) Stay in the back of the truck when it's open without jumping out 4) When in..