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We now export our dog beds to USA and Canada

After prolonged and intense requests from USA and Canada, we have now got an arrangement with FedEx to export Tuffie products across the Atlantic. For years we have been forced to tell our potential USA customers that it is extremely expensive to send our dog beds over, but now we have struck a much better deal with FedEx. We can not yet offer internet sales, but if you would like to ask us for a quote for delivery and a total price in US Dollars, then please call us on +44 1888 563288  or email us on

As a price guide we have posted some examples of how much delivery would be on various dog bed products. The delivery costs are determined by weight, so we can quickly tell you how much it would be if you tell us what you would like to order

It is possible to purchase Wipe Clean luxury dog beds in USA and Canada if you go to the American site for the best dog beds you could ever wish for, but if you would like to own a Tuffie Nest, a Woven Tuffie or any of our cosy, machine washable covers, you can only get them through the UK site.

We are so often told that there is not a similar, or nearly as good, a product available in the States, so we would be delighted to be able to supply the American dogs with the best dog beds they can get.  For the hot south, we can recommend a plain waterproof dog bed, which will give perfect support for your pooch and at the same time allow some coolness. For the cold North and higher mountains, give your dog a lovely cosy cover for the Tuffie to sink in to or, even better, a draft excluding nest.