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Tuffies dog beds will keep your dog warm this winter.

As the winter months are creeping up on us, it’s that time of year where we have to keep not just ourselves warm from the cold British winter but also our beloved canine friends! Caring for your dog is always very important but in the cold winter months it takes that extra bit of love and care to keep them warm and clean. Dog beds are more important than ever during winter as they are what will keep your dog warm during the long, cold winter evenings.

Black Labrador in Tuffies nest

We all like snuggling up in front of the television with our duvet once the cold, dark evenings start drawing in, so why not let your dog enjoy the same comfort with Tuffies dog beds!

We pride ourselves on our unique futon-mattress waterproof dog beds. The mattress is thick and warm ensuring that your dog is perfectly insulated from the floor below, meaning a great night’s sleep. If you compare the Tuffie bed to an ordinary dog bed from a high street pet shop chain, you will see the stark differences. Our bed will keep your dog warm all night long as the mattress maintains its shape, whereas a typical high street dog bed will lose its shape and your dog could end up sleeping on the floor!

Snuggled up in a warm Tuffies nest

Although your dog has her own protective layer to keep warm, that doesn’t mean that the cold won’t get to her. We would recommend investing in the Fluffie Tuffie Cover during the winter months. This is an additional extra you can add to your Tuffie to provide extra comfort and warmth for your dog. The thick fleece cover is also very easily washable to keep your dog clean. We offer all our Tuffies in different sizes and colours to suit your dog’s needs.

If you are searching for the perfect dog beds for your special canine friends then don’t search any further – we have the solution to keep your dog warm this winter. Contact us today either by email at or by telephone at 0845 65 26028. We look forward to hearing from you and keeping your dog warm this winter!