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Dog beds of straw?

Some dog owners swear to keep their dogs warm in the winter by using plain straw or hay. It does look nice when the straw is still golden and fresh and there is an argument for using straw when dogs are constantly wet as the straw is helping to dry up the dogs’ coat very well. However, the downside is the problem with contamination of flees and mites. They breed well in this sort of environment and it can be a terribly ordeal to get rid of them. The other problem is that the stuff flies everywhere and you end up picking it up from your drive or garden all the time. In kennels the dogs drag the light material out and it ends up in your trees and bushes. Dog beds need to be made from a more hygienic and practical material.

At Tuffies we pride ourselves of making top quality waterproof dog beds.  This means that mites and flees and any other pests cannot penetrate and breed anywhere. The inside of the cushion is always 100% dry and therefore maintaining its perfect insulating properties. Dogs on straw do not understand how to arrange this so that they get the best insulation from the floor, so we really need to help them to keep warm by giving them warm beds that is always covering the floor, providing comfort and warmth.

If you wish to give your dog extra comfort over and above the plain, waterproof dog bed, we have Luxury Fleece covers that fit over the basic beds. These are also super easy to maintain as they can be put into the washing machine for perfect hygiene.

If you are a dog owner and looking for the perfect solution, please go on our web site or email us on for further details.