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Dog beds: the Transition from Autumn to Winter

Here at Tuffies Dog Beds, we are more than aware of the changes that the seasons can bring and how this can impact you, your lifestyle and your dog. In this article we will be exploring the changes your dog will have to cope with as well as suggesting some ways in which to make this transition easier for your dog.

With the passing of autumn and the onset of winter, there’s no doubt that we all have to adopt fresh routines. If you have children this can be a lonely time of year – both for you and for your dog as a quieter life takes over – after a summer of having kids around to play with all the time, your dog will have become accustomed to the extra company and energy surging through the house and garden.

Remember pets can be sensitive and get depressed just like people do. The dynamic of the household can change completely after the summer – in the UK less time will be spent in the garden and the back door will usually be firmly shut to retain heat. Maybe a child has gone to university; maybe you are miserable because of the weather – whatever the atmosphere, this can transmit to the dog. Spending time with your pet and giving a little extra attention can make you both feel better.

If your dog is now subject to longer periods on his own leave him with a tasty chew, treats or a toy to keep him entertained.  And why not start a new routine with your pet – perhaps put aside some time each day to sit with your dog and bond over a relaxing brush as he prepares for his new winter coat?

Another routine that tends to fall to the wayside as the cold weather develops (at least for humans) is regular exercise. The temptation, when it’s getting darker, colder and wetter is to take the odd day off from outdoor activity.  However, your pet still needs plenty of exercise and stimulation, whatever the weather, so be sure to make time for those rambling walks and energetic playing which will benefit both your pet and you!  If it’s decidedly wintery, don’t forget to make sure your pet is warm enough on walks – particularly, if you have small, light-bodied dogs with short hair, you may need to invest in a dog coat.

And it’s also important to make sure that your dog is warm in the house.  Bitter winds can make it seem like your home has sprung leaks as it gets draughtier and, however effective your heating, there will always be times (eg: overnight) when the temperature drops without your realising; so ensure that your dog bed is warm and cosy. This is particularly important for older dogs that may or may not already be suffering from arthritis; dog beds are vital for protecting old and tired joints from cold weather.

Here at Tuffies we have all that you need to help keep your dog happy as the seasons change, including the Furminator dog brush, Kongs and a large selection of warm, waterproof and durable dog beds. Visit our website for more information.