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Tuffies Dog Beds: Superior Quality, Competitively Priced

When we think about our pet’s needs we generally focus on their dinner but their comfort is just as important – especially in older dogs. If you have had a shop around for dog beds before and found it a little overwhelming no one would blame you – with the sheer amount of choice available in the modern world, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here at Tuffies dog beds we pride ourselves on the superiority of our futon mattresses included in every design. As opposed to general pet shop beds that contain loose stuffing that ‘puffs up’, we use a top quality futon mattress that has almost twice the weight of more commonly available styles – this allows it keep its shape and thus offer a lot more support.

Don’t by any means think that limiting yourself to one supplier will reduce your choice in style or design because at Tuffies you will find a great range of dog beds to suit everyone’s needs. From a luxury fleece feel designed to pamper your furry friend to our “wipe-clean” waterproof beds for those cheeky pups who are prone to dashing off for a swim or getting in a muddy mess and all the way to our essential dog nests with sturdy sides for them to either rest their head on to watch the world go by or nestle in and keep warm. Suffice to say, we have something for every occasion and for every hound.

If you’re scouring the pet shops and garden centres for the perfect sleeping spot for your dog and you want something that will keep them comfortable and supported whilst also being long-lasting and importantly, not break the bank then Tuffies is the place for you, with our range of dog beds and nests from the practical waterproof to cosy fleece and even a “chew-proof” option, we are sure that you will find our beds to be of superior quality and competitively priced.