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Dog beds under the Christmas tree

How did this time come round so fast? Christmas is a brilliant and wonderful time of year, when we all start looking forward to having our family gathered. Thoughts are on the type of food that we will be making and serving and then there is the love-hate relationship with the Christmas present buying. What to give the spouse, the kids, the colleagues, the neighbours, the sisters and brothers. One would like to give meaningful presents that really mean something, but it is SOO difficult to think of just the right thing.  There is nothing better than to give someone JUST the perfect present.

Well, if someone is a dog owner, the problem should be easily solved: dog beds!! There is nothing nicer than to receive a beautiful, luxurious dog bed that you can unwrap and present to the favourite house pet. If you are buying for a dog owner, it’s worth bearing in mind whether they own a family pet or more of a working outdoors dog or maybe a farm dog.

If it is for a person who owns a farm, it is crucial to get them a strong, waterproof dog bed to prevent  the farm mud seeping into the stuffing in the middle as this is how it will start to smell real bad. With a large waterproof dog bed it is very easy to keep the hygiene perfect as it can be cleaned off with hot soapy water and rinsed clean with the garden hose. They might have a dog bed in the house as well, so one with the luxury fleece cover might be very welcome there. The same thing counts for dog owners, who are doing a lot of walking. Maybe a waterproof dog bed for the car would be ideal. After the dog walk (and the lovely rolling round the puddles), there is a great need for a fantastic large dog bed that covers the whole of the car boot. That way pooch will hop in the back and drip onto the cover without allowing the water and mud to seep into the middle.

The Wicking Cover is especially good for this as it is designed for off road vehicles and means that you won’t feel clammy by sitting in the seat. The same is true for a dog bed with this cover: the dog will feel high and dry while the water evaporates and wicks away from its coat.

For a beautiful dog bed that should always look clean and fresh, the Luxury Fleece cover is idea. A quick wash in the machine gets rid of all the dirt and the bed looks like new again.

So, under your large Christmas tree should be the best dog bed in the world! Try Tuffies.