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Dog beds and windy weather

Here, where the weather is incredibly stormy, we need to think about the draught sneaking around our dogs’ dog beds. Try and kneel down beside your dog while he sleeps and see how cold and literally WINDY it feels there. There are little cold currents coming from under the door and down from the windows creeping along the low height of the room. As cold air is heavier than warm air (as the molecules are closer together in cold air), it sinks down compared to the warmer air. We find ourselves up here in the warm air and we might just need some woollen socks and good boots to ignore the cold floor air. But your dog doesn’t have that luxury and he also can’t tell you that he is suffering from a sneaking cold.

Imagine, while you sit down at his level, that you would have to be there for hours and try and find out if there is simply too much draught. The solution, of course, is to look for one of the dog beds with high sides. There are several on the market, but some are pretty shallow and don’t give quite enough draught exclusion. Go for one that has high sides and make sure you don’t go for a cheap one where your dog quickly flattens the sides by leaning on them. Some beds are so very squash able and when he has flattened it, you might as well just let him have a flat dog bed.

Dogs love the wind and there is nothing more cute than to see your dogs running around with ears flapping. Things rolling in the wind provides great fun and excitement as leaves fly up in the air and stuff rolls on the ground, the canine imagination makes these objects game to catch.

How nice to sit in the back of a car on your dog bed and have your head out the window. At high speed even your lips flap!