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Valentines Dog Beds

Did you see our Valentines dog beds???  We are very proud of them and we have distributed a lot of them. They are like our nests, but they are beautifully heart shaped and very red.  All the comfort is still there for your dog and for some reason they have also been super popular abroad. We don’t really know if they were bought as a gift from one human to another in order to say “I love you and your dog too” of if they were bought by humans for dogs in order simply to say “I love you!”. We don’t like to ask, but surely there have been some peace offerings going on between human lovers. Maybe a way of saying the OPPOSITE to “It’s me or the dog” as can happen in some relationships. Basically we love our dogs, most of us and most of the time. Who could not love a dog that always wags its tail when you get home and who is totally grateful for the food you put down. A dog that is always delighted to be cuddled or scratched behind the ears. They don’t ask much and if you are busy, well, they will just curl up on their dog beds and wait till you are ready to pay them some attention.

The thing is, you cant’s really give your dog flowers at Valentines and you can’t take them out for a meal. And for chocolates……  and champagne………   one is poisonous for dogs and one is rarely appreciated by our four legged friends. I certainly rarely see dogs that enjoy wine. Sometimes beer, perhaps, and this is usually a Labrador as they find it difficult to turn down any sort of ingestible stuff.

We have made the Valentines nest a special item and we are taking them off the web site from tomorrow. I am sure that if you ask kindly during the year, we can be persuaded to make the odd one, but we thought it was nice to keep it seasonal. So the mind boggles…..    will we have an Easter Tuffie? A sort of egg, the dog can climb into???? Time will tell.

For now anyway, we have our last day of Valentines nests and then it’s back to our standard, and MUCH LOVED Tuffie beds for your dogs. When it comes to dog beds, you can’t really beat a Tuffie.