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New Office staff for our dog beds

Say hello to Christine!!! Sadly, our jolly Julie had to leave (reluctantly) as LOVE got in the way. She decided to follow her heart and move to where her boyfriend lives. She made it very clear that had she not been working for Tuffies, selling dog beds, she would have moved earlier. She loved it here and was sad to leave.  I think we should enter the Sunday Times competition for “Best company to work for”…… everyone is rather happy here.

However, it had to happen as she had to give in to love and off she went and we had to advertise her space in the office. What a big reaction we had. The applications flooded in and it is nice to be a sought after employer. The interviews went on for a full week before it boiled down to four applicants that we would like to see again. It is maybe an omen that Christine stood out: she already owns two dog beds from us and it didn’t take much convincing in the end as she has the same happy demeanour to her  as the rest of the mad Tuffie elves making sleeping arrangements for dogs here in Aberdeenshire.

Christine is doing really, really well finding her feet here. Of course Suzanne has stepped in to help her with the first teething problems mainly because I will be flat out at Crufts selling dog beds to all the visitors who wish to come to our stand in hall 5, stand 56. So hopefully I will come home from Birmingham to a fully trained office staff….  Hm…. maybe not, but almost there. It is amazing how many little things you have to get used to that are just little temperamental quirks with invoices, products, the computer, the way we dispose of waste etc etc. , but which are so ingrained in habits that you don’t notice them. We all know those little things where, if you don’t hold on to the broken bit on the guillotine when cutting up paper waste to make little memo-papers, then the whole thing falls apart and half cut paper goes everywhere.

Anyway, I will be off now, getting to Crufts hoping to see all the amazing dogs that come to our stand looking for our fantastic dog beds. We show them all the different flat ones and explain how they are so easy to keep clean and how they won’t go flat or lumpy. Also that you can put on any kind of cover that we supply. The best thing is that many customers will come to the stand and tell prospective customers that they already own a Tuffie and that it’s the best thing ever. It’s lovely. So maybe see you all there