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Your Nylon Stockings and Dog Beds

Here at Tuffies we aim to solve as many bedding problems as possible and we are at the brink of launching a new product that will certainly solve a lot of problems in dog beds. We are refining the finer details of making the soft, warm plastic bed liner. Maybe you have an old plastic bed in your house or in the kennel, which might have served one chewing puppy or it might have served a whole pack of dogs over the years. The plastic beds do last long, but they frankly look extremely tatty after some time. Also, if you still have the bed and it’s sitting in the kitchen, you are sure to rip your nylon tights as you brush past it. Or, if you are a bloke in shorts in the summer, you will scratch your legs on those frayed, chewed up parts of plastic. Well, obviously, your dog might still be a chewer in which case he will have to keep this plastic monstrosity, but if he has grown out of that chewing habit, you can now treat him to a wonderful liner, which will be like the warmest and cosiest of dog beds. All you have to do is to put the liner into the bed and tie the cord at the back. This means that when your dog lies in the bed, he is now surrounded by warm, thick fleece even right up over the edge, where he can rest his head a little more comfortably. In the base there is an opening to fit a little soft pad, which you can either buy from us, or you can use that old pillow you have had lying around for some time. This means that you can take the padding out when you wash the liner as there might be a limit to how many dog beds your washing machine can fit. If you have a big liner, you could simply wash and dry liner and pad separately in order to get good washing quality for both. It will also help the drying time if you dry separately. And then there are the looks of course! Now you don’t have to look at an ugly tatty thing anymore, as you have transformed the oldest of your dog beds into a brand, spanking new one. Everybody’s a winner. You could even have two, so there is one to wash and one to dry. Or you could have one suit your kitchen decor and one to suit your living room decor. All sorts of possibilities are there.