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Skye’s choice of dog beds

I have a new Border Collie pup called Skye. It has been 10 long years since there was a puppy in the house,and all the hard work that is involved with a new addition is quickly forgotten. Molly , who is a Border collie cross will be 11 in October and still finds Skye very irritating , and would really like to be left alone to take “time out” for a snooze . We have a few dog beds in our house, even the two ancient cats who are 15 and 16 this year share a blue nest, they dont care that it was meant for a dog, it is just somewhere that they can feel cosy and safe, in their advancing years.

Skye sleeps in a crate at night, and also when she is overly tired or naughty will be placed in there, for my sanity as well as her rest. As we were unaware on how she was going to be with a bed, my those puppy teeth are sharp ! she wasnt given a proper bed until she could prove to us that she would leave it alone. We tried her with two dog beds, one which was Mollys oval bed with a lovely cover, which she immediately shredded , so then she slept on the bed with NO cover ! a few more weeks went by and now  she is 16 weeks old and being very good has been given a medium nest , which so far she is leaving alone.

Skye is a fast learner, as she already sits, stays etc and I am forever saying LEAVE IT, when she trys to eat the cat food, she knows exactly that she is doing wrong, but the cat food obviously tastes better than her own, and she thinks it is worth getting an ear bashing for.

In the morning with our cup of tea, both dogs are allowed in our room as a treat, in the begining Skye thought this was great, but now gets totally bored and prefers to slope off into  any one of the dog beds that takes her fancy, to wait for us all to get up and the day to start.

She is going to be a lovely adorable dog, and I am sure both Molly and Skye will get along just fine, and you never know we might only need one large dog bed for them both to share instead of lots of dog beds around the house. Early days yet !