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Dog Beds for Puppies

Now Tuffies is just about to launch a wonderful new product: the Puppy Tuffie. This is a brilliant idea, where you actually get two in one. The Puppy Tuffie is a light waterproof bed folded over in the middle with a luxury fleece round it. This means that when you first take puppy home, he or she can sleep on a super soft and cosy little bed, which will fit into either a crate or a basket. Should a little accident happen and you need to clean up a piddle, it is easy and hygienic as you just wash the fleece and wipe over the waterproof bedding. As far as dog beds for puppies are concerned, this is such a handy combination.

The idea is that when your puppy eventually outgrows his puppy bed, you can take the fleece cover off and unfold the waterproof bed. Now you have a handy, light travel mat to take with you on visits or holiday or simply to have in the back of your car. We know that it can be too much to take thick, waterproof dog beds with you everywhere if you are going away, so the little travel mat is simply ideal. You can roll it up or stuff it in a bag. It certainly gives your dog a little bit of protection against the cold floor if you are away for the night and it gives your host protection against his or her carpets so that mud and dog hairs are not left behind when you wave goodbye after the visit.

It is a good idea to train your new puppy to stay in a crate during the first little bit of time in the house. You can put him on one of any kind of dog beds, such as waterproof, luxury fluffy, deep, firm and whatever you have, but it is very important that he learns to stay somewhere on his own. If you train puppy to be alone, you can use Kongs and other entertaining treats to give puppy some entertainment while you disappear. That way he will grow up to be a dog with no separation anxiety. When dog s chew their dog beds, it is often because they are up set having been left alone, so with gentle training from the start, this is easily avoided.