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Dog beds out of grass

It is quite nice to be making the best dog beds possible for our canines. Just look at our amazing testimonials page, where everyone is raving about how happy their dogs are with the Tuffies. However, nothing beats the natural thing…. the grass. Our dogs all live out in their garden, where they have a specially built wooden patio where they can dry and mud free on wet days. They have three perfectly insulated kennels, where they go and shelter if it is cold or raining. They have outdoor beds and indoor beds. They have a lawn with apple trees, which amuses them in the autumn as they are totally preoccupied by picking apples. In fact it is a bit shocking in July when you suddenly realise that they are now starting to eye out the apples because you hadn’t noticed that the blossom has actually already turned into tiny little apples. This seems utterly unfair as it is only July. But nevertheless, the apple diet later on must be good for them. The younger ones jump up to pick the apples and the older ones simply have to patrol the apple trees several times a day in the hope that one has fallen down by itself. The dogs have a little piece of woodland, where they have access to long grass, which they can eat when they need to and then there is the pond. Oh, how they love the pond on a hot day. Especially Gollum will gallop down to the pond and hop in with a splash when we come home from a long bike ride (me cycling, him running).

But to the grass. When it’s hot and sunny with a lovely mild breeze, they abandon their dog beds and wander out in their garden to find a piece of long grass, preferably last years, so it’s a kind of hay. Here their instincts come out and they dig themselves a natural bed, where they can lie and get warm in the sunshine. It seems to be the best for them and it makes me feel a bit as if the many dog beds they are offered inside and out are just mere replacements of the real thing.

However, now they are all in the office with me as I write and there is no sign of them not liking their Tuffie dog beds… they are all sleeping like logs.