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Bespoke dog beds and made to measure dog beds

We are very flexible here in our Scottish dog bed manufacturing workshop in Aberdeenshire. If you are interested in our waterproof dog beds, but need something to fit into a special place in your kitchen, living room, car or even the kennel, we are experienced in making special sizes beyond our standard products. At Tuffies we make bespoke dog beds every single day as we are asked all the time. We have fitted out large kennels in hotels, boarding kennels and race kennels and we make single ones for that one basket in the corner of your room.

It is in fact funny to hear where our customers wish to fit a Tuffie. Many seem to have built their kitchen to the highest standard and then left a space under the work top, where the dog can sleep. It is great that customers can simply make the kitchen the way they want it and then, when all is done, just pick up the phone and order the sleeping arrangement for pooch.

We have made dog beds for canal boats, where everyone wants a practical waterproof dog bed so that nothing gets soggy and smelly when the dog has been for a swim (or has fallen in…).

The best way to get the exact bed size is to make a template in newspaper and send it to us. We can then measure it and call you with a quote. If you then wish to place the order, we can use the template to get the bed exactly right. This is especially the case in the back of a car if the wheel arches can create a tricky space, which is impossible to describe over the phone.

We can also fit our optional covers to all bespoke dog beds. If you want to have a bit more than just the plain waterproof bed, we can make either our Luxury Fleece Cover, our Light Fleece or our Wicking covers. Even if you initially get the bed and decide later, when the winter sets in, that you would like a cover for your bespoke dog bed, we will still have the measurements so that we can make a perfectly fitting cover. In fact a delighted customer called today to ask if we keep her details on file for the future, which we reassured her that we do.

So do ask if you have special requests. Some requests are actually too complicated and we refer to an upholsterer in such cases, but we are keen on any challenge.