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Stay with me on my dog beds

So it was Scone Gamefair (the Scottish Gamefair) last weekend and we had the usual stand near the dog scurry under an enormous and incredibly beautiful maple tree. It was quite hot despite a pleasant breeze, but the dogs were fine as they had their base in the back of my Nissan pick-up on one of their many dog beds. With a water bowl and pleasant atmosphere Gollum and Gaia enjoyed spending three days at the show.

When I say enjoyed, I mean Gaia got used to it. She was a bit worried in the beginning on the Friday morning when all the noise and thousands of people, generators, bag pipes and loudspeakers  unsettled her. Also the starter gun from the scurry had a sound she definitely didn’t like. I had a cute experience with her as I took her and Gollum round on the ground the first morning. Gaia had her tail between her legs and was somewhat clingy while her curiosity was still telling her to sniff and look and say hello to people. She couldn’t help wanting to see what was happening, but she was very happy to be taken back to the car and when she saw the cosy dog beds in the back, she was super quick to jump in. I leant on the back door and found that she got hold of my t-shirt with her front teeth and pulled me in towards the back of the vehicle. She really wanted me to come in to the safety with her in the back of the car. I thought it was very sweet and bright.

She did get miles better during the three days and, although she was never very keen on that starter gun, the time spent in the busy environment did her a world of good. I took them for many walks round the fair each day and she thought it was great fun. The River Tay runs through the Scone Palace grounds and we did a lot of swimming each day. It was an incredible transformation for this little young dog, who was pretty nervous on the first day to being completely confident with all the noise on the last day.

With them both in the back of the vehicle, visible for stand visitors, they both got lots of attention all day. Plenty of people came to see the dogs on their nice dog beds, but were just interested in them, not the content of the stand although we had every waterproof dog bed and luxury dog bed  possible!!!

CLA next!