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Dog beds under the Christmas Tree

What does everyone give their dogs at Christmas? I saw an amazing statistic, where half the dog owners asked, were intending to give their dog a present for Christmas. I can’t say I am going to make a whole Santa arrangement for my five pooches, in fact it’s business as usual. What I feel most guilty of doing is not doing enough. I never feel I have given them enough training and enough exercise, but in fact they probably get far more than most dogs. Judging from how they conk out on their luxury dog beds at night, they have been busy enough during the day.

Here at Tuffies we get ridiculously busy up till Christmas, which is of course partly because customers would like to make their houses and living rooms extra nice and festive partly by putting in a new and fresh sleeping arrangement for the adored dog. But….  it is certainly also because many, many dogs are given dog beds for Christmas in UK. I have to say that we get email address from the dogs themselves explaining how delighted they are with their new Christmas present.

And how lovely it is to think that the dogs are included in much is the family’s traditional time over Christmas. I am sure they realise it’s a special time and enjoy saying hello to everyone. However, while a lot of dogs probably enjoy the activities, they will also be needing some quiet time alone. It will be important for a dog to be able to retreat to a private quiet place to get out of all the noise and attention. What better place to go than to one of our dog beds. The nests provide real doggy privacy in that they feel a bit like a den because the sides are so high and they give perfect draft exclusion. When a dog is in the nest he can rest his head on the sides and watch, from a distance, all the stuff going on in the house, but when he needs real peace and quiet, he can bury his nose inside the nest and feel like he is in a natural den. It is important to have choices, also if you are a dog. So make sure you have provided your dog with the choice of being part of the party and being able to sneak off to some quiet corner. A nice choice of dog beds would be really perfect, but that would probably be overdoing it.