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Luxury Dog Beds for the car

Getting to the end of the hunting season makes me think how important it is to have really good dog beds in the back of the car. I run a truck with a cab at the back, where the dogs live when I am going to or from hunting and where they have to spend the night from time to time. We occasionally hunt in the Highlands and as you are tucked into your bed, warm and cosy with your belly full of food, your thoughts wander to your hounds for the night. Having given everyone a fantastic day with their expert pointing skills, they deserve the best night’s sleep. And they certainly do get that on a Tuffie. The coldest part of the pickup is the metal floor, so the futon mattress is crucial to ensure that the insulation from this sneaking cold is eliminated. There are usually three or more dogs together, which means that the atmosphere is quite warm and there is little need for extra warmth, such as doggy jumpers and coats. But many dogs together also means that if you don’t have a good bed, but just some blankets, you easily and commonly risk that one dog scrapes them all up in a heap and sleeps comfortably on top leaving his fellow canines lying with nothing underneath them, now exposed to the freezing floor. With one of our outstanding dog beds this is solved because the futon is solid enough to cover the whole floor and cannot be gathered up in one place. This way all dogs, no matter where they are sleeping, get the benefit of the insulation.

Yes, if I only bring one or two dogs and if it is going to be cold at night, they also get a doggy jumper on to make sure they are totally warm.

So it is nice to be in the house with a wee dram and all cosy round the fire, but only when you are satisfied that the dogs’ bellies are also full of the best food, their bodies are warm and dry and everyone gets on.

The car dog beds are not only for long distance travelling and for staying out over night, it is also for the short trip down to the woods for the daily walk, but this is just as much in order to keep the car nice and clean as it is for the dog’s comfort. For a short drive, where the dog is mainly focused on the imminent excitement of the walk, the super warmth and comfort is not essential, just nice.