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Colourful Dog Beds

As we make our luxury dog beds here in the North of Scotland, we are finding that it is not only dog comfort, practicality, hygiene and warmth that we are concentrating on. Although all those things come as first priority, there is also a need for us to be aware of design and even fashion. Dog beds are not ONLY a place for the dog to sleep, it also has to fit into your house. Most of our products are used in houses, but of course there are also a great use for them in kennels and cars. It is amazing how many customers actually take great care when choosing a colour because it has to match the interior of the kennel…..

In the house it really needs to match the kitchen or the living room and just like we take care to choose our own sleigh beds or bunk beds, most of us wonder how the dog beds will fit into the rest of the interior design. Hence, here at Tuffies we offer an ever expanding range of colours and designs. We can supply plain colours, which suits everyone who mainly wants this piece of animal furniture to disappear into the back ground of the human living space. We find that fashion comes into this as colour schemes change with fashion year on year.

There are patterns in various colours and with various purposes. For some it’s important that the colour of the dog beds match the dogs’ fur as much as possible to hide the hairs and hence postpone the moment where they have to go in the washing machine. For some it’s important that the colours are perfect for the living room. For some our Scottish tartans are spot on and gives the owner a nice feeling of having bought something of top quality made in Scotland. Maybe the tartans provide warm memories from holidays or family connections to Scotland.

Then again, we have the cute angle to the dog beds, which is expressed in our paw print designs. These also gives the bed a feeling of belonging and ownership on behalf of the dog. This is where Fido sleep and Fido has his own doggy signature on it.

What other designs could be needed? We are often guided by our customers and many of our products and designs stem from customers’ requests. Our Nest came about because a customer asked us to make a bed with sides on. She actually described it as a nest and the name stuck. The nest has been one of our best dog beds over the years.