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Why dog beds are a must-have accessory for every pampered pooch!

When it comes to making your dog comfortable and happy, most owners will go out of their way to make sure they have everything they need. This means buying top quality dog food and biscuits as well as the best toys and accessories such as leads. However, it is important to remember just how beneficial quality dog beds are. Don’t let your dog down by giving him a makeshift bed – he needs a comfortable and cosy place to sleep if he is going to get a quality sleep. In this article we’ll tell you why they are so important – read on to find out more.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Just like human beings, dogs need a good night’s sleep in order to stay chipper and alert. Tired dogs tend to be grouchy and short on energy. Of course, dogs tend to wake up a lot during the night as they take their guard duties very seriously! But if they have a snug bed to cosy up in once they are satisfied that nothing is untoward then they’ll be able to nod back off to sleep quickly and easily. Dogs also like to take little power naps during the day, so you can be sure that the bed will be used very regularly!

Saving Your Sofas!

If you don’t provide your dog with one or more dog beds to sleep in then don’t be surprised if they take over your sofas at night! Every dog owner knows how hard it is to get dog hair out of furniture, and once they have slept on your sofa for a few nights you’ll find that it is covered. It may also start to smell a bit ‘doggy’ too. By providing your dog with his own dedicated bed, you have a much better chance of making sure that he doesn’t creep up onto your sofas – or worse still – your bed.

He’ll Feel Loved!

Letting your dog know how much you love him isn’t just about food (although that’s a good place to start!) He needs to be spoilt and cherished, and when he feels like that he’ll pay you back in spades with his affection and loyalty.

Keep your dog beds in the same place all of the time, so that your dog gets into the routine of taking himself to bed. Find out more about dog beds by giving us a call.