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Tweed Dog Beds

Oh, the beautiful tweed that is produced in this country!! As Tuffies is now getting ready to let the little Highland cottage out, we have been furnishing like never before. All sorts of nice stuff is being sought out and installed in Ballandalloch Cottage. We have taken the view, that we want to make this place into what you might call a mini shooting lodge because of where it is sitting. Ballindalloch sits right in the middle of some of the best stalking and shooting areas in Scotland and this is reflected in the antlers and taxidermy adorning the walls. There won’t be any dog beds in the cottage itself, but we are installing super nice kennels, where your holiday making pooch will be able to sleep on only the best dog beds available.

So back to the tweed: looking for upholstery and curtain fabrics we have come across some of the nicest tweed fabrics in the most beautiful colours. It is now only a question of time before we have decided which gorgeous pattern to choose for the main room, but along with this process came the thought of making real tweed dog beds. Imagine the lovely tweed bed, warm and cosy for your dog, matching the furniture!! However, there are two major obstacles, namely the cost!!! and the problem with washing. I don’t really understand why the big tweed producing mills don’t make a better mix, which would still feel like 100% wool, but will be machine washable. With dog beds there is a great need for washing properly and this is really a limiting factor. The fabrics usually state that only professional dry cleaning can be used for getting rid of dirt. It is definitely not an option many people will go for if you have to take the dog bed cover to the dry cleaner every month.

For staying in Ballindalloch with your dog, the kennels will be installed outside and obviously be fitted with dog beds extravanza.

There are of course fake tweed with lots of polyester and practically no wool, so there might be an option there somewhere, but then the authenticity has vanished.

Anyway, we will keep putting nice things into the highland cottage and hope everyone coming to this place will enjoy it. It is truly an amazing spot with amazing views and absolutely no neighbours. You could not wish for a more tranquil place to spend a week. We might even manage to succeed getting broadband next week. It only took six attempts with BT to get the line in…..