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Crazy dog beds invention

Here at Tuffies, we have made many dogs happy over many years by providing them with comfortable yet sturdy dog beds therefore we believe that they really the perfect bed for your pooch. Our revolutionary design using a thick futon mattress with a waterproof cover gives our beds the perfect comfort, warmth and support for your dog. This means our beds have the added benefit of being easy to clean and extremely hygienic. On top of all this we offer a wide range of luxurious covers for you to choose from so your dog’s new bed will fit nicely in your home or add a little bit of character to your four legged friends own outdoor space. Whilst we have designed a practical bed for your family pet, others have different ideas of dog beds. Read on to find out more about crazy dog inventions from over the years.

Giant Croc Dog Bed

Believe it or not somewhere in the world somebody designed a Giant Croc shaped bed for dogs, and we aren’t talking about the man eating animal when we say croc! This bed is in fact a giant replica of the shoes, ‘Crocs’. Just like the extremely popular shoes, this bed comes in a variety of colours…so you can have matching dog bed and shoes!

Pet Tanning Bed

Yes, you read that right. This pet bed doubles up as a pet tanning salon. The bed features a 150-watt light that stimulates sunlight shining through a window for your dog or cat. The bed is designed to sooth your dog if they have seasonal affective disorder during long winter months but, in all its glory, it is simply a dog bed with a high powered light attached.

Denhau’s Pet Bed

We should really call these beds “Pet Dens” or even tables! Made of polished fibreglass with a shatterproof glass top this dog bed doubles as a den for your dog and a table for you. These pet beds are more of a stylish addition to your homes décor rather than a comfy bed for your pooch.

At Tuffies, we put dog comfort at the forefront, with our inspiration and testing coming from real dog knowledge and experience. As well as making strong, durable waterproof dog beds we also produce, chew proof, yet warm and super supportive bed – the only guaranteed chew proof bed for you dog on the market.