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Fleece-lined Luxury Dog Beds

Ah, we couldn’t resist it in the end, we just had to put the Fleece Lined Nest into production. We keep inventing, trying and testing new products and sometimes our creativity takes over so that we can hardly keep up with ourselves. The thing is, we really need to have tested products for prolonged periods of time before we can justify putting them up for sale. We do make dog beds that we try and test and then abandon because they did not perform as we had imagined, but that’s just the normal path for any R&D. It can be costly though, and I still hurt from spending several thousands of pound (nearly 10 actually) on a mould for a new Really Tough Tuffie, the chew proof dog bed, design, which in the end was abandoned for several reasons. That was a very annoying and costly mistake, but heho, so it goes.

We are definitely getting into a new line of Luxury Dog Beds and the fleece lined nest is the first. We are hoping to follow that up with a luxury tweed mattress style one very soon. The fleece lined nest will obviously not be quite as durable as the standard Wipe Clean or Woven Surface because, by nature, the fleece lining is not as tough as the waterproofs, but this product is meant as a real luxury and you should, with normal use, expect it to last perhaps 3-4 years. For a Labrador sized bed, that is just £2.68 per month for having your dog enjoying the most luxurious and cosy of all dog beds available. It is also more practical than you would expect because you can still easily wash the fleece that covers the bottom cushion as it just comes off the waterproof cushion and goes in the washing machine. The whole nest can in fact also be washed and if you have a big, domestic washing machine and a medium or smaller nest, you can turn the surrounds inside out and fit it into the drum. It will then totally wash everything, including the stuffing, and by the time the spin programme has finished it has almost whizzed all the water out of the hollow fibre stuffing that it will only take a day to dry the nest out. Obviously you would pick your day to do this and it is a bit of a project, but you would only have to do it, say once a year or maybe 6 monthly.

If I was to choose one of the many dog beds available, I would not have a second’s hesitation and get the lined nest. To tell you the truth, our beloved Alice, the Vizsla, LOVED hers and although the one she enjoyed was meant to carry on as a prototype for testing, we sacrificed it and allowed her to be buried in it. So I don’t know how far a company is normally supposed to test dog beds, but we have even tested the lined nest to become a burial bed. The thing is we are NOT going to check how it’s getting on later. Alice is sleeping in it for eternity.