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Yet another one of our Luxury Dog Beds

We have got on a roll and become very obsessed by the idea of luxury dog beds. Last week I described the Fleece Lined Nest that we have launched and this week we have launched a beautiful 100% wool tweed cover to go with a bed that has been designed to be more soft and squishy than our standard mattress beds. We are pretty crafty at making the perfect stuffing these days and the stuffing for these dog beds consists of the same principle of keeping everything stitched down in place so that nothing moves or lumps while the dog uses it over the years. With this particular one we have made a firmer core which is wrapped inside a softer outer. This gives a more sinking-in feeling for the dog.

The stuffing is then encased in a light, pliable water resistant nylon fabric, closed with popper in each end, which will also allow the air to escape when the tired dog comes in from the long, cold walk and has to make a decision about which one of his many dog beds he wants to sleep on. No doubt he will head for the warm, classy tweed cover, which the bed has on as an outer cover. So basically the bed has a stuffing, a stuffing cover and a 100% wool tweed outer cover.

Dog beds do not ONLY have to be perfect for the dog, they also have to be something you enjoy looking at in your living room or kitchen if it is in the house. Who wants an eyesore of a bed sitting in your otherwise carefully decorated living room? Maybe it was not traditionally the case that dog owners would consider looks, but why not take that in to account when it’s something you have to look at most of the time. Often we hear customers declare that the dog doesn’t mind, which is true, but the dog is not alone in the house, is it.

There is one thing to remember about our 100% wool cover, which is that is can only be laundered at very gentle wool wash indeed. At 30 degrees Celsius and a GENTLE caressing by the washing machine drum. No more! Some washing machines tend to be washing at 30 for wool wash, but still be too vigorous and hence end up making felt out of the wool garments, so as long as you know your washing machine, you have a good start and you can happily wash the covers from your dog beds in your machine.