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Kennel dog beds

So now we have beautiful kennels at Ballindalloch Cottage, the let Highland Cottage, which you can enjoy through Tuffies. It might seem very odd that we, as a company selling dog beds let a holiday cottage, where you are asked not to bring your dog inside, but the house is so deliciously nice and free of dog hairs that it would be a shame to get it all hairy and muddy.

I looked at commercial dog kennels and found them rather expensive plus they were difficult to get up here to the remote highlands. Instead, we asked a very skilled boat builder, who is also a good friend, to make the kennels. I was not quite prepared for how big a job a “simple” double kennel is. It seemed to have taken Martin a full week to make them. He did most of the bits in his workshop and then transported it all in pieces up to the cottage, where it took two days to put it all together. A massive job. But I know that these kennels are better and more beautiful than any other kennel in the country. The indoor bit is fully insulated and there is provision for a heating lamp to be put in nearer the autumn time. We obviously have them kitted out with the best dog beds you can get, guess which ones….  Above the indoor kennel is also an outside part, where the dogs can jump up and enjoy looking out on the world in shelter and dry even if it’s pouring rain. There is then the run, where there are no dog beds, but just space to jump about, all under shelter.

I am very pleased with the result and it’s a joy to put the dogs out there knowing they have the absolute best. If the place is going to be used really intensively we will be wearing the grass out walking between the house and the kennels, so we have gathered lovely slates, big enough to build a nice, natural path to step on. The stones will be laid down into the lawn on a little bed of sand so they are all stable.  There will obviously also be lights in the kennel, so when you want to go out at night to check your sleeping dogs on their dog beds, you won’t have to get lost.