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Dog Beds at the Scottish Game Fair

It’s that time of year again. We LOVE going to the Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace. It is friendly and interesting and it’s an opportunity to meet all the people outside the sporting season, who gather for some inspiration now while it is warm and dry before we all start spending lots of time walking the hills in what is sometimes driving rain and wet, icy conditions.

We have a stand at the gamefair, which restricts ones chance of getting around a lot, but that is fine because everyone is keen to come and say hello and look at the dog beds. It has to be said that the market is pretty much saturated by now as nearly everyone who needs one of our luxury dog beds has one. However, of course we have been there for over 10 years and the replacement market is starting show. It is wonderful to hear the stories of how pleased the customers are to have used this product for 10 years and that the time has come to replace it. We like to make stuff that lasts.

Scone is a beautiful place and it is held right by the river where all the working tests are held right through the weekend. The park is full of massive trees and the sound of peacocks from the palace is so characteristic for the place. In fact, when I hear peacock screeches other places, it reminds me of selling waterproof dog beds at Scone.

We use the weekend as a friendly getaway and we camp there. And what do we sleep on? Of course we sleep on our fabulously comfortable dog beds in the stand. It is another nice feeling to wake up in the summer morning and hear the early buzzing of early workers who have to get their jobs done before the public turns up.

Many people come from a long way away and some choose to stay in hotels in Perth, while others like to camp like us or they simply set off very early in the morning to be there for the day.

There are craft tents and fishing activities and stalls selling guns and ammunition. There is a massive food tent, which means that you can get hold of all the local produce. Perth is famous for soft fruit and this year they should be fabulous as we have had such a good, warm season.

There won’t be many offering great dog beds as I have had a look through the catalogue already. It’s funny because years ago there were a wide supply of dog beds, but we seem to be only ones standing. This, I guess is because everyone now knows our brand and are going to get to our place only.

So shall we see you there? Come and say hello and have a look at our stock. We can’t bring everything we sell, but we can take orders and give you free delivery.