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Good Environment Around the Dog Beds

As our new factory is going up, we start looking at making the environment round the building nice. There is quite a lot to look after, but when good people come in every day to make beautiful dog beds, the environment has to be beautiful too. One of my bug bearers is Dock leaves. I absolutely hate them and they are very invasive. We are situated in a rural area and it is also important to make sure that even though we don’t have to live off the land, we will make sure we are not a breeding ground for bad weed. Dock leaves can be super difficult to get rid off and this year I decided not to use any pesticides, but instead be persistent with getting rid of the flower heads before they go into seeds.  So I do my weekly rounds near the work shop, where all the dog beds are being produced, equipped with scissors and a wheel barrow. I simply cut off any seed heads and gather them in one place where they will be burnt. The leaves themselves are actually OK as one is satisfied that there won’t be any new plants coming out of them.

The other plant to rectify round our factory for waterproof dog beds is ragwort. We don’t have many of them and this time of year is really simple as they are bright yellow, you can’t miss them. They are not difficult to cut off and they are just going to the same place as the dock weed. Ragwort is very dangerous for cattle and horses, so it’s important to take part in reducing them. In fact I think it’s the law to do that.

The other headache is that we are obliged to put in a massive water container near the property in case we have a fire and all the material for the dog beds go up in flames, Goodness forbid. If the fire engine comes in and uses all its water, it needs a new place to fill the tanker, which is our container. According to the building standards, they want a 45,000 litre container. They cost a fortune and it will look incredibly ugly. We have made a real effort to create a nice looking building and gone to quite an expense to get it harled in just the  right pink colour in order to make it blend in with the neighbouring very old buildings in sand stone. Now we have to put down an ugly water tank outside. Certainly, we shall be planting loads of ivy round it.

Very soon the paths and disabled car parking plus all the roads will be done and it will look like a great place to be and to work. As I said first, if you make great dog beds, you need a great environment in which to make them. The environment will be reflected in the quality of the workmanship. That’s why every single one is so great.