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Get the most out of the great outdoors this winter

Winter time brings a whole new dimension of enjoyment to the great outdoors. If you embrace the winter weather, then there is much enjoyment to be derived by this season, particularlay if you have a dog! There is nothing quite as exilherating as trecking through snowbound fells looking onto a vast landscape of pure white adventure. Or a morning run to wake up with the crisp, fresh winter air. A jog on a rainy winter day, pounding through muddy puddles as the rain pelts down is also sure to make you feel alive this winter. If like us here at Tuffies, you love the great outdoors at winter time, then you can love it even more knowing that you don’t have to worry about the mess that is brought home by your dog after your outdoor adventure. With our waterproof dog beds, there is no need to have to come home from an outdoor adventure and be faced with lots of mess and cleaning!

Coming inside from the winter weather is always a heartwarming delight. You throw off your wet coat and muddy clothes, put the fire on, and get warm, cosy and dry and forget about the harsh winter conditions outside. Well, not if you have a muddy, damp dog to clean up and dry after your winter walk! Unfortunatey, our dogs cant just take off their coats and be done with. Dogs love to explore and just cant resist those muddy puddles so get a lot muckier on their walk. The result is, dirty paw prints all round the house, mud splatters all over the walls and a filthy dog bed. Not pleasant for anybody and certainly not something you want to start cleaning after you come inside after braving the winter elements! By choosing Tuffies dog beds, when you come indoors you can go straight to the fire place and relax in the knowledge your dog is sleeping soundly (and mess free) in one of our waterproof dog beds.

When you send your dog to their regular bed after a winter walk, you may think out of sight out of mind, when in actual fact, the muddy mess is seeping through the bed causing an unhygienic sleeping environment, a bad smell, and a general eye sore in the home. Instead, you want dog beds that are waterproof, wipe clean and comfortable! With waterproof dog beds from Tuffies you get the best of both worlds. A comfortable, clean bed for your dog and a lot less mess for you to clean up. The fact they are 100% waterproof and one of the most durable dog beds you can buy means you and your furry friend can enjoy everything the winter outdoors has to offer without suffering from the messy aftermath!

When it comes to dog beds, we really do know what is best and provide nothing but top quality, unbeatable dog beds for comfort and practicality. Our waterproof dog beds are just one example of our fantastic range. To see more on why are dog beds are the best, visit our website today.