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Telephones for Dog Beds

What a day!! We are moving offices and have had a chap in for two full days to sort out the telephones. Was it maybe simpler to just have some normal ones and make do with slightly old fashioned systems? Maybe, but when you manufacture and sell dog beds, the phones can sometimes be relentless and calls are coming in on top of each other. It is of course our top priority to give the best possible customer care and that involves always answering the phones. As we can’t be five or six people at one time, we need some more sophisticated systems to deal with the waiting and reassuring that we are indeed here and will be with you as soon as we are free.

The other thing is that we have a 15 second walk between the office and the workshop, so if everyone in the office is busy and someone nips over to the work shop where all the fantastic dog beds are being produced, this person needs to be able to answer an extra call whilst over there. OK, there might be a little bit of background noise from all the dog beds being produced, but it is better than not answering the call. We can also now ask the caller to wait a moment till we can get back to the office and pick up the phone over there where we can help the caller with information etc.

The new phones will furthermore help with short messages that we need to send to the work shop. At the moment we have to run over there if we want to say anything or ask anything and soon we can just pick up the internal phone and ring the work shop, where anyone can let go of their important work of making dog beds to answer the phone. This can be a question about whether a bed has been sent to a customer yet or not etc.

This will not, in itself, change the quality or design of our brilliant dog beds, but it should, if possible, improve the efficient customer care, which we take so seriously. Is it not nice to know that we are working our bottoms off to be better all the time. We test the dog beds to destruction and keep inventing new, lovely designs and functionalities. We spend a lot of time and effort testing for durability, comfort, hygiene and practicality so that we can produce the best dog beds one can imagine.