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Tunnel Dog Beds for the Winter

Due to many requests from customers, we have made a tunnel cover for our dog beds so that you can create a tunnel for your dog to climb in to. The construction is straight forward, you simply put the cover size that fits your Tuffie (mattress style) on the bed. The top side of the cover has an extra layer forming a cosy base made from our superb luxury fleece material and over this you have a fixed extra layer of fleece with a half-moon shape at the end to make the volume. This means that the top forms a little duvet-den for the dog to disappear in to. If we did not make the three dimensional shape the top part would just be like an envelope and it would not give enough space for the dog. It is surprising how much space you need to give the dog room to move and be comfortable. Obviously the dog is wanting the snug feeling of being enclosed, so you have to get it to just the right size, not too much room and not too little.

Some customers have told us that they have the normal covers for our dog beds and that their dog is insisting on climbing inside the cover!!! This is not ideal as there is very little room in there and the dog doesn’t have a nice fleece underside to lie on. I would dare to claim that it is mainly Vizslas that have this need to climb inside a Tunnel. They love getting extra snug. Jack Russells are also keen on this, but there are surely many other breeds that will welcome this extra addition to their dog beds during the winter months in particular. The clever design of this is that you can swap round the covers for what ever your needs are. If your house is cold in the winter, a tunnel cover would be ideal in those cold months, but as things warm up, you can put on a normal Luxury Fleece cover for less freezing conditions and later on again, if we have a hot summer, you might like to have a look at our twill covers for the dog beds, which are very light covers that help keeping the dog cool. It is a question of observing how the dogs are using the dog beds, so for example when you start seeing him lying on top of the tunnel and not using the facility of getting all covered over, you will know that he is getting too hot in there. This could be when the nights start to warm up. When you see him lying flat out or with all four legs in the air, you know he is needing to cool off as much as possible and the time might be right for a Twill cover.

We seem to suggest that you have to have a massive range of covers for your various dog beds, but in a way it is only a small extra cost to have them. The basic Tuffies dog bed is still the same, but with various covers you can cheaply transform the one item to many different dog beds without having to purchase that number. One bed transforms into a range of suitable versions depending on the time of year and the type of dog.