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Dog Beds in the New Office?

It has just occurred to me that we are going to be very sad not to have our companions in the office when we move. In our office we obviously have lots of great dog beds both old ones for durability testing and new ones that we are trying out to see if they are nice and popular with the dogs. But we frequently sneak the dogs in from the garden to be in the office, especially if the weather is really bad. When we move into our new office premises this will be a lot less straight forward and we will probably not have them in very often.

So I think we need to try and make some excuses up, such as for example: We need the dogs to be here enjoying their warm dog beds because the acoustics in the room is quite hard. It would help to have the warm creatures in, filling the room up with buffer for the sound. This is actually not too far fetched because it can be almost impossible to hear someone on the phone properly if there is not a good sound in the room. We don’t quite know yet if we will need to import lots of winter dog beds to soften the sound yet because the moment there is simply nothing in there at all. There are no invoice files stored away and there are not even chairs in there yet. I did buy some nice rugs for the floor in order to absorb some sound, but they don’t seem to have a huge effect yet.

We really look forward to moving in, but this is the same as usual: we are too busy to get it done. I keep promising staff that NEXT week will be the moving day, but then the week slips again. However, we have achieved some of the hardware such as TWO new computers and the chairs, still in boxes. Today I need to get hold of some table lamps and we also need the electrician to sort out some more sockets. And guess what? We will probably move the dog beds in first of all.

Hopefully next time I write this article I will be writing it from my new desk in the new, buffered office and one of my beloved dogs will be in one of the lovely dog beds under my chair. Here is hope…..