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Dog beds after surgery

It is the most heart breaking experience to have someone you love in pain. As dog lovers and animal lovers it is also terrible to have an animal being ill or operated on or simply in some unknown pain. When they can’t talk or describe what is wrong, we wreck our brains guessing what is going on when they seem off colour. We try to get them to sleep on their dog beds to recover or we give them water or a good brisk walk to blow the cobwebs away, but sometimes it is not that easy and we end up being told by the vet that a nasty operation is the only way ahead for recovery of pooch. So when our four legged friends have been in the operating theater, they are usually kept at the vet’s surgery for a day or more, where they have to put up with the dog beds that are provided there. They are not always great, but there are various reasons for why the beds at the vets are simple, such as the need for total disinfection. We are not talking about “nice and clean dog beds”, but absolutely bacteria and virus free environment when the patients still have open wounds or are lying, hooked up to drips several days.

Once the little four legged patient comes back for home recovery, he or she will not really need a sterile bed as all wounds will be bandaged with sterile bandages, but just one that can be kept completely clean, which is why our Wipe Clean Tuffie Beds are exceptionally great. You can use a disinfectant household surface cleaner to wipe over the surface and you can even take the bed outside and scrub it down with boiling hot, soapy water and rinse off with boiling water from the kettle. The Fluffie Tuffie covers can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius, which is adequate for the situation.

The other great big advantage of our Waterproof dog beds is that they are filled with a firm, supportive mattress that will not go squishy or flat. If your dog has had surgery, especially leg surgery, it would be a disaster to ask him to get in to a really soft bed where he has to lift his legs right over and in to a deep, sinking bed. Our dog beds provide perfect support and warmth and it is simple and easy and safe for the slightly unsteady dog to just step on and step off. No wobblyness and no big effort to get in.

We recently received this photo of Charlie on his Tuffie after having broken his leg. He has now fully recovered and our customer wrote:   “His beloved Tuffie was sure to have been instrumental in his recovery!!”