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Dog beds on Santa’s Sleigh

With the production of dog beds ramped up to maximum capacity, the thoughts go to Christmas and Santa’s comfort. As we are making totally waterproof dog beds, we thought that they would be ideal to keep Santa’s bum warm as he whizzes through the skies on his sleigh delivering presents to all the children in the world. And hopefully to all the dogs in the world, who have been good all year. Presumably Santa sometimes runs into a snow storm and if he does not have a durable and reliable seat, he is going to get his bottom wet and he will get all cold and uncomfortable.

It would be very nice if Santa himself can sit in comfort and perhaps have a Luxury Fleece over the Tuffies dog bed as he flies along from chimney to chimney.

Coming to think of it, it would seem a little morbid if Santa is sitting on a reindeer skin while Rudolph is pulling the sleigh. It could be Rudolph’s uncle for all we know. Much better for Santa to make his huge Christmas visit sitting on one of our bespoke dog beds keeping himself all snug.

But hang on…. we expect that Santa up in Lapland is kind of a competitor to Tuffies if all his elves are making counterfeit dog beds. Do not take any copy cat dog beds from Santa this Christmas. Only the genuine article from us will be the real Tuffie dog bed. We know those little elves are very clever, but we suspect they are not quite as good at making dog beds as we are here at Tuffies. Not only do we have to fend off copy cats and even people who cheat through Google, but we now have Santa to deal with.

Obviously, you can always PRETEND that the present comes from Santa if you are wanting to give your dogs the best dog beds in the world. To be honest, we think that that is indeed what happens. Judging from how busy we are at the moment, we are sure that you are all generously ordering the best dog beds for your own pets (yes, also for cats) and for your friends’ dogs and cats. Then, as you pretend that Santa has been on his sleigh, you come up with the best present a dog can ever wish for: a couple of wonderful luxury dog beds that they can snuggle into all night.

Anyway, I don’t have time to write all this nonsense because I need to get out there and make more GENUINE Tuffies dog beds for all the expectant Christmas dogs round the country.