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Un-chewable Dog Beds

There is no soft fabric, that a dog cannot chew. The rule of thumb is that if you can cut the fabric with scissors, a dog can definitely chew it and if you serve it up in the shape of dog beds, they will get shredded if the dogs are so inclined. We get in touch with companies, who claim to be producing super, super tough fabrics and want to offer it to us for chew proof dog beds. However, if it can be cut, it can be chewed. If you think about it, dogs chew with the teeth  they have immediately behind their canine teeth and they work like scissors by flexing against each other just like two blades on shearers..

Our dog beds are tough and durable, but not chew proof, so please do not give your dogs these beds if you suspect they will be attacked. Our problem is, that very often people buy our dog beds for dogs that normally chew and they have great success with them. This is because there is a big difference between the off-the-shelf low quality stuff you buy in a pet shop and the top quality dog beds that we produce. So customers are delighted and then they go and tell their friends all about these “chew proof” dog beds. Then what happens is that the friends take their advice and go out to buy a normal Tuffie bed for their destructive dogs. You can work out what happens next: the dogs rip up the beautiful, premium dog beds and leave the owners disillusioned. Then, sometimes the customer comes back to us to complain that he thought he had bought a chewproof dog bed, which it clearly is not. Then we finally have to do all the back peddling.

However, the good news are that Tuffies are robust, don’t flatten down to nothing and last for years, and we have of course the Really Tough Tuffie, which is money-back-guaranteed chew proof. So if you have a truly chewing dog, you have the answer in the Really Tough Tuffie. This bed is not chew proof because it is made from particularly strong materials, but because it is put together in a clever way that means that the dog cannot get hold of the chewable parts. Amongst all the tough dog beds in the world, this one provides perfect comfort, draft exclusion and money back guarantee. Your dogs will be snug and comfy and in no danger of eating stuffing. They will lie on these dog beds and sleep while you can lie in your bed with complete piece of mind.