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Dog Hairs on Dog Beds

Here at Tuffies we spend a huge amount of time (and money) on exactly that problem and on how to prevent it. While fabrics and textiles tend to attract hair in general, we have made sure that we found the solution for all of our customers, who really don’t like dog hairs stuck to their lovely dog beds. We have the Wipe Clean fabric, which is incredibly popular because, not only is it very durable and mold and UV resistant, but it also feels like a fabric without being an open weave. It also feels a little bit like a leather without being a leather or a faux leather and most of all, it does not allow hairs to stick to it. It is a wonderful fabric to make dog beds out of and it is the most popular fabric out of our range. When it is new it might feel a bit stiff and shiny, but is literally only in the very beginning and it soon wears in to a smooth and pleasant feel. A bit like a waxed jacket. If your dog comes in from that long, muddy, happy walk in the woods in the autumn, he might be longing for one of his luxury dog beds and head straight for the one you have put out for him, the Wipe Clean bed. There he will cosy in to the futon mattress and feel all nice and warm while he dries out, dripping muddy water and hairs and little leaves and sticks from the woods on to the bed. But heho, no problem, because the beds are waterproof and won’t go soggy, hence they remain nice and insulating for the dog without any sneaking dampness coming through. Once your dog has dried up on one of our waterproof dog beds, you can simply hoover off the dry mud and dog hairs. This will leave the bed clean enough for further use and it will look presentable, but of course there will be an element of bits of stains there, which, if you really want it to look pristine, can wash off with hot soapy water. The beauty with these beds is that you can literally boil the kettle and add a little liquid soap and then sponge and scrub the dog beds down followed by a good rinse with the garden hose or the shower hose. Now the bed will be wonderfully clean and almost look as brand new.

We have other fabrics that are also very friendly to the hair problem. We make some of our great dog beds out of Durasoft fabric, which will appeal to you if you are looking for a fabric that feels much more like an upholstery fabric. The Durasoft will have hairs stuck to it, but it is very easy to vacuum off. The Durasoft dog beds have proven to be extremely popular and we are very proud of it. We have, again, this fabric made for us and we make extensive tests of its strength and water resistance. We go right down to the back ground and have Hydrostatic head measured, not only in the beginning, but several times after when we get new batches of fabrics.