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Leaflets for Dog Beds

Wow, it’s quite staggering how long it takes to produce a nice, new leaflet showing all our waterproof dog beds. I have decided that we definitely now are ready to make a larger brochure as we keep extending the product range. I have actually only made the new leaflet 50% bigger, but I have this time excluded indications of size and colour. These days a leaflet is more of an appetiser so that, if the reader wants to know more, he or she will go on line and get all the details. It’s a bit like a large business card. Obviously there are some customers that will not entertain buying on line or who have not got internet and it is great that we are able to send them a leaflet with a lose price list enclosed, which will enable them to make a decision on which of the great dog beds they want and then call us up to order over the phone.


So I have spent the last week playing with design and photos and wording. All photographs are taken in our studio, so it is handy that I can go and pick one of the dog beds and get the lights right and then the photo can be taken. I can then bring it in the office, where I work in Photoshop to isolate the product from the back ground and set it up with the colours perfect. Our leaflets tend to have dogs sitting or lying on the products and that introduces a whole new raft of problems. Not all dogs like to sit still on a bed. Some are positively scared in the studio environment (I am sure they think they are at the vet’s and that I am the vet with a dubious instrument that has a large eye and goes ‘’click’’). There is no shortage of owners that would like to have their dogs modelling Tuffies Dog Beds, but although their dogs might be impeccably well behaved at home, sometimes they won’t even sit on command, forget lie down. The dogs are sometimes so nervous that even with tons of patience, they still pant and yawn after an hour sitting waiting on them.


Maybe the dog models are super laid back at home and can hardly be persuaded to get off their luxury dog beds to get out for a walk, that mood has all gone when the four studio lamps go on and the “vet” brings out the scary camera. No more lazy lounging on their dog beds, instead pure adrenalin. However, you never know and some of the models have looked rather spiked up when they arrived, but have turned into sleepy creatures in a matter of half an hour. That’s when you get some cute photographs showing how comfortable our strong dog beds really are.