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Hypoallergenic dog beds

Without aiming at making hypoallergenic dog beds, we have done it by default. 15 years ago we set out to make super easy-to-clean dog beds and researched the world trying to find the exact right fabric for this purpose. We have always supplied two types of hygienic and washable dog beds so that everyone has a choice. There is the more textile-like Durasoft waterproof dog beds, which feel more like an upholstery fabric, yet still waterproof and then there is our Wipe Clean dog beds. The latter is super hypoallergenic. The most common allergy in dogs according to what we hear from our customers, is the house dust mite allergy. It is a big problem where you have fabric and stuffing, in which the mites can live and breed. That will always be the case when you have a permeable fabric, which will allow the mites to crawl through and furthermore allow moisture to penetrate as all insects and their maggots need some degree of moisture. With our Wipe Clean fabric there is no penetration possible at all and any dirt or dust gathering on the surface is easily wiped off preventing insect eggs to hatch.

 We find that customers are calling us to ask for Wipe Clean dog beds for their dog because their vet has suggested it. This is an accolade for our products and we are very proud to be on the vets’ radar.

 We make two kinds of dog beds and if your dog is severely allergic to house dust mites, the mattress bed has to be the most recommended bed as opposed to the nest type bed. This is because the nest does have a lot of fabric and stitching in the base, which are difficult to clean completely and can therefore be a breeding place for the odd mite. The wipe clean nest is wonderful in the ease by which it is cleaned and you will never see hairs stuck to the sides, but it has its limits in terms of house dust mites.

Rotweiler in an XL Wipe Clean nest

Rotweiler in an XL Wipe Clean nest

Jane Pritchard's three pugs in an XL Wipe Clean nest.

Jane Pritchard’s three pugs in an XL Wipe Clean nest.

The ultimate in hypoallergenic dog beds are the Wipe Clean mattress dog beds. Your dog is comfortably supported and happy while no house dust mites get a look in. Even if you put a Luxury Fleece on it, it can be washed very easily and kill all unwanted guests.

Diana Angus's happy dog upside down on a Wipe Clean mattress

Diana Angus’s happy dog upside down on a Wipe Clean mattress

Here is a customer’s picture of a bespoke size Wipe Clean Tuffie dog bed.

Poppy on her custom sized canal boat Tuffie

Poppy on her custom sized canal boat Tuffie