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Warm Dog Beds

At this time of writing, my dogs have had a good hour’s walk and it’s late afternoon. They are sitting out in the garden with their bum on the snow, watching the world go by. Perfectly happy. I did consider putting jumpers on them all this morning, but it is a still, frosty day and it’s dry. They do like their jumpers when it’s a windy and really cold day, but clean frost and no wind is just nice. If I sat outside doing nothing, I would get very cold now, but dogs are different. They also have lovely, warm dog beds for them to choose from inside their kennels. In fact they sit outside in preference to being in the kennel because they don’t feel the cold. Of course, like all dogs, they spend a considerable amount of time sleeping and they mooch in to their lovely warm waterproof dog beds when they get sleepy.

Spaniel enjoying a waterproof nest

Spaniel enjoying a waterproof nest

The trick for keeping your dog warm in the winter has everything to do with keeping an eye on the weather. If it’s just warm, drizzly rain, I know my dogs want to sit outside at least for some of the day and they don’t mind getting a bit wet on top of their coat. Again, they have the opportunity to go in to their kennel dog beds if they choose to.

Paula Ford's dogs in waterproof mattress bed

Paula Ford’s dogs in waterproof mattress bed

So in the morning, I look at the weather and if it’s warm and still, I let them out just as they are and they have fun in the garden, playing, barking at the odd cyclist and lounging on the patio, relaxing.

If it’s really cold with a bitter wind and perhaps rain, I put fleeces on them before I let them out. They all look ever so snug and happy and they still choose the kennel with the warm dog beds as it’s not nice at all to be out. But at least I know they are really warm and comfortable in there.

I have a feisty young dog, who loves playing with my older gentleman, the 6 year old GWP, and time and time again I get them in at night and he is wearing shreds because she has been pulling at this clothes.  A great big L-shape was in his jumper yesterday.

But as long as you don’t over dress them or give them far too little to keep them warm, they will be OK as long as they have warm dog beds to go on when they choose.