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Dog Beds for Transporting Puppies

I have been transporting puppies quite a lot recently and it’s not finished yet. Obviously they are always travelling in a cage in the car for safety and for containing possible vomit!!! In the cage I have had one of our bespoke dog beds made so it fits in perfectly. I was going to put in one of our Puppy Tuffie dog beds, but because I personally don’t need travel dog beds later for my puppy (as I have one of the bespoke dog beds in the back of my truck for transport of several dogs) I just need one to fit the cage permanently.


Some of the nine puppies have been incredibly easy to transport. The first one I brought to meet his new owners was Titan. He just got in the cage and sat quietly all the way to the meeting place. It took about 30minutes, well beyond the time he might have been sick, which he never was. He continued all the way to Caithness and apparently he just slept. An easy puppy.


Phoebe, on the other hand, didn’t care how nice the dog beds were, or how quietly I was driving or whether I put the radio on, she absolutely yelled for miles and miles. The sound just behind the passenger seat is so piercing it hurts. After four miles I actually stopped to see if I maybe had some ear defenders in the car for shooting. Unfortunately, as it’s outside the shooting season, I didn’t carry my emergency bag with essential stuff I might need, I only carry dog beds and stuff that I will need for the hounds during the summer. My ear drums were hanging in shreds by the time she finally fell asleep. At least you know that the soft dog beds will finally entice the pups to nod off and relax and I got the next 30 miles in peace.


Yesterday, delivering Calypso to a grouse estate, was a bit easier. I was prepared with a car full of dog beds and dogs in the boot with puppy in the cage in the cab and my ear defenders on. People in passing cars did seem to stare a bit as I was motoring on with great big ear defenders on my head, but I didn’t care, it was just perfect. She stopped yelling after just five miles anyway and I could take the defenders off.


As we got to the estate, Anne and I were going to work the dogs there to count grouse anyway and puppy came along for the ride. I had deliberately not fed her before I went (apart from a chicken wing), so she was never sick. We set off up on the hills with her still in the cage, but she now wanted a big more company and we let her abandon her dog beds and came up the front with Anne. What a wiggly little puppy. Here I was, driving on pretty steep and difficult roads through streams and rivers and in places with horrendous drops down the side with a puppy that was fed up with her dog beds and instead choosing to walk all over me and my steering wheel. When it got too dangerous she got taken away of course. Anne had her own survival to consider, lol.


Wonderful to see puppy getting out on the moor for the first time, being friendly with everyone and running around at the picnic. What a super place to leave a puppy. I left a couple of dog beds too and I think this dog will have the most amazing working life with its new owner. Hooray.