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UK Manufactured Dog Beds

We are extremely proud to be producing dog beds in Scotland. We started 16 years ago literally in one room in shared premises. This grew in to first one building that we had to put up, then an extension on that one followed by a large building project, which finished two years ago. We are constantly running out of space, but that is of course a good problem to have. Building projects are very draining and I don’t fancy starting another one any time soon.

But it is very much worth it having nice premises. When you build new work premises for all sorts of manufacturing, not only for UK manufactured dog beds, you build for several reasons. Some of the main ones are:

1) To make the work environment as healthy and pleasant for all staff as possible.

2) To make the manufacturing process as efficient as possible so that less time is wasted.

3) To simply make it possible to expand product range and volume in dog beds.


There are lots of smaller reasons including one that has to do with pleasant and healthy environment: To give enough space to the making of luxury dog beds that the outdoors can be tidied up a little bit. As we were cramming everything in to this place, we had to erect portacabins. Grrrr, they are the ugliest objects on the planet and we ended up having them here!  Once we built a new, large building with both workshop and storage space, the portacabins could finally go and we could grow the grass again. After the builders finished, we have landscaped and organised everything so neatly that it is no longer an eyesore. We manufacture waterproof dog beds with extra, soft, covers for the best dogs in the world and it is important that the beds are produced in good, clean premises that are built for the purpose. Furthermore, we are a rural business and when the farmers around us are keeping their farms neat and tidy, it was important to us to live up to that and keep the Tuffies premises nice and clean too.


Tuffies Workshop and storage.

Tuffies Workshop and storage.

Right around the building the grass is cut and the gravel is sprayed to avoid the weed to grow up through it. The hedges get cut and the paths swept.


Could you ever ask for a nicer office building?

Could you ever ask for a nicer office building?

From here we send out top quality dog beds to all over the UK.

Happy staff, efficient work routines and good space means that we produce the BEST in dog beds.