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Puppy Dog Beds

We can thoroughly test our own Puppy Dog Beds now as we have a proper little puppy here in the office. Pontus is now 12 weeks old and loving life as puppies do. As I write he is lying on his one favourite of our dog beds: the Puppy Tuffie.

The advantage of this product is that you can justify buying top quality for your puppy although it is the correct size from the start and will seemingly become too small very quickly, but it won’t. This is because the Puppy Tuffie is a complete bed, but folded over to create a very warm and cosy little bed for your little dog and then it UNFOLDS to a bed large enough for your adult dog.

The construction is in some ways the same as all our dog beds: a futon mattress with a waterproof cover, but this bed is much, much thinner when it is unfolded and is meant to be used as a travel bed. Our dog beds are all very thick and substantial and they are not easy to bend, but that is exactly the attraction as they insulate perfectly from the floor.

Here is Pontus on the Puppy Tuffie, loving the soft feel as he is only little.

Pontus on Puppy Tuffie copy

The bed is made from a thinner version of our futon mattress with a totally waterproof cover made from our Durasoft material. The bed comes with a cover, which has press studs underneath making it possible to close these dog beds in to the smaller puppy version with the 12 poppers on the underside. The cover can be taken off and machine washed as often as you need to and IF puppy piddles on the bed you just take the bed out for a good scrub with hot soapy water and rinse off straight away.

As an unfolded travel bed it is much more convenient than the full size of our dog beds because it is easy to lift and it does not take much space up in the back of the car. You won’t know it is there when you put all your shopping in, but it gives your dog a warm, perfectly bouncy place to sleep on his way home from the long walk or a day of working.

Dog beds are important things to get right and Tuffies have something for everyone.