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The Fabric for our Dog Beds

Our Durasoft is a 1000 Denier Texturised Nylon, which is the strongest fabric on the market (beware of cheap polyesters!).

We have these fabrics coated to Tuffies’ specifications with an extra heavy duty Polyurethane waterproofing on the reverse side of the fabric as this provides a long lasting, flexible waterproofing.

The advantage of the Durasoft is that it feels like a lovely upholstery fabric, but it is super strong and waterproof. Perfect for the world’s best dog beds.

While NOTHING is chew-proof, the Durasoft is the toughest you will get and it certainly blunts our cutting equipment in record time!


Our Wipe Clean is a woven fabric, which is totally coated with an Acrylic waterproofing on BOTH sides of the fabric, creating a smooth surface which is easy to wipe clean using a general household cleaner. This unique coating gives it a pleasant, slightly ‘tacky’ touch like a waxed jacket. This means that these waterproof dog beds have enough grip for your dog.

The advantage of the Wipe Clean is that no dog hairs can ever stick to it. Any dirt like greasy treats or dog slobber can be wiped off in seconds. Fantastic for incontinent old dogs or piddly puppies. This bed is the absolute answer to dogs that suffer from House Dust Mite allergy. Totally hypoallergenic and free of fleas.

Durasoft and Wipe Clean BLOG

In terms of washing the dog beds:

Our Durasoft fabric feels and behaves like a top quality, heavy duty upholstery fabric. It is completely waterproof, coated on the reverse of the fabric.

When you wash it, simply scrub thoroughly with hot, soapy water and rinse off. Leave the Durasoft Tuffie bed to air-dry for 45 minutes on a nice, warm day.

Durasoft and Wipe Clean washing.

Our Wipe Clean fabric is totally water repellent so it does not get wet at all. When you wash it with hot, soapy water, the water simply runs off and you can towel dry the bed after washing.

Both types are easy to clean dog beds.