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Buy the correct size dog bed

It helps to get the correct size dog bed when you are looking through all the perfect dog beds to choose from. However, there are many examples of beds, DESPITE being bought in the correct size  (plenty of space for each dog and a bed for each of them) where the dogs themselves decide to cram in to one, giving them far too little space. But of course, that’s their own decission and if they can get back to a bed each, no harm is done, in fact it’s great that they can choose to be lying on top of each other and sometimes apart. Here is a photo, sent in by a customer of a chew-proof dog bed where all her dogs have decided to share the one:

On the Tuffies web site we always give recommendations of sizes for each style of dog bed according to the weight of the dog so that customers can get an idea.

The most common mistake is by people wanting to get “the best” for their dog and hence choose a dog bed that is too large. This is almost always in nests. We highly recommend that you get a nest dog bed that provide a really snug fit for the dog, not only to ensure the benefit of these draught excluding dog beds, but also to give the dog the right snugness like they have in the cave of their ancestors. Many customers ask us for a bed that would be too large because they would like the dog to be able to stretch out. The result is that blankets, toys and other fillers end up being put in to take up the remaining space.

On a mattress dog bed where the aim is not to give snugness or draught exclusion, the size doesn’t matter as long as it is big enough.

Of course, when you buy for a puppy, you will try and gage how big he or she is going to grow before you buy them the correct size dog bed to grow in to.

On our testimonials page we are have tried to add the exact type and size of dog beds that the customers have sent pictures and text about. This, we have realised, helps many others to choose the right size. Most of the dogs are of a known size and if you have the same type dog, it helps to see how those other ones fit in.

It must be remembered to mention our bespoke dog bed service. If you have a certain space that you know your dog(s) fit on to, we can make a luxury dog bed to fit that space exactly. See below.