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Dog beds made in UK

There are many dog beds for sale out there, but a lot of them are made abroad. It goes without saying that if you are importing dog beds in a container from China, you can’t import good quality ones that have weight and substance because you need to pack and stack them high and wide in the container for the long journey in order to make money out of them.

NOT so with our top quality dog beds made in UK. Here at Tuffies we manufacture the best possible dog beds in the best fabric that is available on the market. We source as far as possible at all, fabrics that are made in UK as our raw materials. In our quest for the best dog beds, we take our materials extremely serious and over half of the fabrics we use are actually made to our specifications. We look for thickness and density and durability, which is tested in independent laboratories. We also request the dyers to make our colours and we are hot on the coaters to make sure the fabrics are coated to our heavy-duty specifications.

Wipe Clean fabric for waterproof dog beds.

Wipe Clean fabric for waterproof dog beds.

Our Luxury Fleece products are very unique as the weavers (knitters) who make this quality don’t make this for any other dog bed manufacturers. We decide the exact thickness and quality and we decide all the designs so that we can have them made exactly the way we can be proud of. In terms of the fleece designs we try to be as up to date with interior design trends as possible.

As we make the futon mattress in house, we have with experience developed the best methods to make stuffings (we make a futon mattress for each and every dog bed we create) and we never cut corners in terms of quality and attention to comfort and hygiene for the dogs.

Dog beds made in the UK do not have to worry about being as light as possible, we can concentrate on making a dog bed product that is fantastically comfortable from the very start AND in years to come.